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Time’s “Mystery of Animal Grief” April 18, 2013

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Here is a link to Time Magazine’s article  “The Mystery of Animal Grief”.

It’s a revealing read,  though terribly sad;  it made me feel like becoming a vegetarian, (I love a damn hamburger, but now I think about it and it brings me down.)

here ’tis




1. rushchick - August 3, 2013

Was just thinking about you….Hope you have been well…

2. Priscilla Engen - September 1, 2013

Hi John, I was just missing my son like crazy and stumbled upon your blog, sounds like me and my grief. He left two years ago this coming Sept. and I still get these overpowering waves of grief (is the only way I can describe them) about simple little things, like a smell, object, it could be anything. We are still trying to find our way, it gives me hope to read what others are going through because at times you feel alone in your excruciating pain of grief.

johnbohlinger - September 1, 2013

Hi Priscilla,

It get’s better. God bless you.

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